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The Take-Home Dress

Posted by Prosy Delacruz

What a glorious evening of fun, complete with bruised soles and weary feet from walking to five parties after Golden Globes awards, yet a full heart and soaring spirit!  That was what Golden Globes experience did for me. But, the showstopper for the evening was Janet Nepales, the spouse of Ruben Nepales, a Board of Directors member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who was recently mentored by Judy Solomon.
Janet, the hot fox whose left shoulder was touched by Johnny Depp, who was noticed by Jon Hamm and another man who told her that she was hot and placed his arm on Janet's shoulder saying, "C,mon I am taking you home." Janet's reaction made us chuckle: "He must have thought of me as Chinese food." 

That was our hot fox, Janet Nepales, a member of the prestigious Hollywood Foreign Press Association. She strutted the gown fashioned by Carlyn Nuyda Calloway of Thumbelina. She walked like a princess, a mermaid, a beautiful queen -- call it what you want but she owned the red carpet when she walked it.  All eyes were on her and her gown. Lea Michele of Glee screamed upon seeing her outfit.  

Of course, the most endearing comments came from spouse Ruben. 
Ruben kept posting her photos on Facebook saying, “Bear with the proud husband for posting non-stop about how his wife Janet Nepales looked in her gown by Carlyn Nuyda Calloway ( Thumbelina Cnc). I heart my wife but last night, I fell in love with her all over again! Bravo, Carlyn! Mama Rocio Nuyda, you have a genius daughter!" 
I wanted to tell him not to forget that I introduced them to the family of artistic Nuydas. I even chauffered Janet to Thumbelina’s shop.  Success has many fathers and mothers and truly that night, Janet shined in Thumbelina’s gown that I, too, shared her joyous splendor.  She danced all night, feeling like she owned the dance floor.  And she did -- stealing thunder so folks watched as she danced with Harry Shum Jr., after a flawless cha-cha dance with husband Ruben.
To see her dress glimmer next to Paris Hilton and to recognize it as equivalent in grandeur and excellence -- one can absolutely say the genius is in Thumbelina’s hands. Thumbelina described it as
"The dress's silhouette is a one-shoulder long sleeve mermaid gown made from silk taffetta and ruched silk tulle.  The skirt is made from embroidered silk tulle composed of flowers in various stages of bloom in hues of peach, nude and coral against a backdrop of a soft sage green.  
On the bodice, I hand sewed silk tulle appliques of leaves and flowers cascading from the shoulder down to the waist.   It is lightly hand-beaded with vintage diamantes for a hint of sparkle.  The gown's skirt has a sweep train.

The jewelry was generously provided om loan by Tabesh Mirmirani for Amrapali, a leading jeweler in the world.  I noticed many celebs wearing Amrapali last night including Globes winner Dianne Warren.  The earrings set in 24k gold is composed of almost 14 carats of diamonds surrounded by little rose cut diamonds.  The cuff, also set in 24K gold is made from raw cut clear and champagne diamonds fashioned in an art deco setting.  

Lind Duclos is my Tailluer Principale  (Lead tailor)"
Yong Chavez had this to say about Thumbelina’s creations: “Janet’s [gown] was such [a] head turner! Her gown was so intricately made and yet it wasn't cumbersome so she was able to party all night wearing it. I think Thumbelina's gowns are magical!" 

Thumbelina's genius, Carlyn Nuyda Calloway next to another hot fox, Yong Chavez, Balitang America newscaster!

Yong also wore a Thumbelina creation that was similarly a head turner to the point that one of the television newscasters propositioned her to go out on a date.  Wow, two take home dresses by Thumbelina in the Golden Globes!  

Sorry fellas, both stunning head-turners are already happily married!


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