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Ask and it Shall be Given: Dream Big to be on Oprah!

Posted by Prosy Delacruz

Miguel Syjuco holding his first novel, Illustrado, opening to rave reviews, including Wash. Post today. Yesterday, I shot his photo when he launched his novel in Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Public Library's Tower, reflected across the glass veneered building.
Me and the author...yes, I am dreaming big to see him on Oprah. I was not paid to dream, my heart wants to write about this big dream, so here it is!
Last November, I saw Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels, when Precious was premiered in Los Angeles. This year, I saw my President, yes my President Barack Obama and shook his hands. So, I figured two big dreams coming true is really a good average...and now this big dream of coming on Oprah to see her interview Miguel and to watch Charice, Arnel too.

Seeing my President Obama depart in Air Force One after Senator Barbara Boxer's fundraiser.

Mona Pasquil, Acting Lt. Governor of California and Tia Carrere, at TVM ( The Vagina Monologues) directed by Ted Benito.
" When you ask for guidance and assistance, simply assume that it immediately is pouring forward. You may need to have lunch, or drive into town or do whatever it is that you need to do in order to relax your mind to hear or to feel, but live in the total assumption that the moment that you ask for guidance it is pouring in. " Gary Zukav

Gary Zukav became one of the first spiritual coaches to me, after seeing him on Oprah, shortly after my father, Eleazar Abarquez died on April 24, 2000. I was overwhelmed with grief with his passing, including recent passings of a good friend and mentor, NVM Gonzalez. With their passings, my grief almost made me non-functional, until I saw Gary Zukav talk about " we are souls, temporarily loaned to live on earth ". Those were not his exact words, but the essence caught me as it made me feel like my Dad's spirit is with me always, as NVM's. Indeed their spirits today still guide me in many ways.

I learned a concept of dreaming big, watching a lot of Oprah and from my father's life example. To be orphaned at a young age and retire as the Supervising Inspector for the Dept. of Labor of the Philippines tells me aloud that my father transcended his personal obstacles.

Yes, I am an unabashed, unapologetic fan of Oprah, for 2 decades and a half now. 25 years! I watched every episode, including staying up at midnight to watch afternoon shows rerun in the evening.

It was my sleeping pill, yes, a natural high watching Oprah solve life's most potent, gruesome issues, probing with depth, with sensitivity, with compassion. It is her empathy and kindness to all guests that win folks over and over.

It was my compassion barometer, how to extend myself to others, while leaving more than crumbs for myself and a substantive amount to care for others. It allowed me to have some emotional distance, while having some emotional sensitivity and empathy! Oprah showed us how on television.

But, today, I am dreaming big. It is my dream to see a multi-awarded, literary sophisticated novelist who happens to be Filipino, Miguel Syjuco featured on Oprah. Miguel achieved what most Filipino Americans dream of, to be picked up by a major publisher, to be reviewed by Washington Post and to be treated to a worldwide tour as an author launches his book, a birthing that took years in the making, including respectable degrees: a Ph.D. in creative writing. When Miguel paid homage to NVM Gonzalez last night, " Without NVM, I would not be here today. He published my first work. He was the first person who believed in me ", I knew why instinctively I have been helping do outreach for his book. It was as if NVM's spirit was moving me to do this work for Miguel.

As soon as Miguel said what he said about NVM, it resonated with me. For it was NVM who encouraged me to write. I told him I was not a writer. He did not push it. But one day, I was fuming in the mouth. He did not stop me from sharing. He allowed me unbridled listening space. Then, he said, " Would you like to put all those feelings in an essay? " I was bewildered. I thought I was just whining. He asked me to write double-spaced, 15 pages and to go do my research. To start me with my research, he handed me Lucilla Hosillos' book on culture. Then, with a smile he said " May I offer a title to this essay? " He paused, waited. " Yes, of course, NVM. " This was his title " The Man in the Outhouse: When Western Civilization silenced the Filipino Imagination. " The essay saw the light, it was published by Amerasia Journal of UCLA.

My dad is gone. NVM is gone. But here I am writing for four years now, two for Asian Journal. I am even blogging. And for my dream...it is about seeing Miguel interviewed by Oprah. Who knows she might even choose his book as Oprah's book club selection. Imagine that! Yes, wrap our heads on this dream of seeing one of our own become a book club selection author being interviewed by Oprah. Writing this gives me goosebumps! It even makes me teary-eyed that I am writing this.

And while I am dreaming big, and it is free, I want to be as expansive as I can make it. I want to see not just Miguel, I would like to see the winner of Iron Chef contest, Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford be part of the audience, while she listens to Charice, Arnel Pineda singing their tonal frequencies of sterling voices as intermission numbers, accompanied by the Paolos, while Miguel does his evocative readings of corrupt politics, heroism, history, travelogue and a rare, honest, microscopic examination of how the corrupt and corrupting elite of the Philippines have mocked and stunted the growth of our island nation from evolving to its potential greatness. Why not also have Tia Carrere serenade Oprah with one of her Aloha lullabies?

I also would like to see First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama be part of the audience, after all she is reviving our love of books, organic farming, and really good food from good produce. Would you not want to see Cristeta do her sweet potato meringue tart for all the audience attending this book interview with Oprah? And while I am actually dreaming, I might as well include myself as part of the audience.

Wow, what a lifetime of joy to realize this such a big dream, and while at it, Divine Power, throw in the President of the United States as well!! Someone who reads this swears I have gone mad! Yes, I have gone mad, crazy to dream big for our artists: culinary, performance, visual, literary. They are worth every word of blogging! Just blogging makes me giddy and so enthusiastic about life! Yes, life is beautiful and soon, it would be more, once we all live to realize our fullest human potentials! Would you please help us get there, Divine Partner?


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