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Obama's Blue Room

Posted by Prosy Delacruz

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It used to be a junkie room, really dark, with spider webs, and mostly old magazines. One day, I simply got tired of it. So, I convinced my husband to create a media room upstairs. He got going and soon, the other room was being vacated.  

And we now have an Obama blue guest room, whose first guests included a community organizer/leader in the Bay Area.  She then suggested I make it a regular place to access for folks who want a retreat. 

Yes, I am offering it to folks to retreat in, while taking cooking classes, at their leisure, a day or two, and a trek to the Beverly Hills Farmers' Market and even to catch a movie at the Landmark Theaters, where you can see the latest movies sitting on comfortable leather chairs.  Then, of course, have breakfast at La Maison du Pain, the best French bakery in Los Angeles, yelp folks rate it at a high four to five stars, worthy of royalty fan base and dedicated foodies stop!  You will find yourself, as my friend did, that you rested, you discovered, you reflected, and when you get back to your life, you have a new source of energy to approach your life again. 

I love cooking, I love meeting folks of different nationalities and I love introducing them to organic foods at the farmers market!  

See you all soon!


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